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Commercial Services

Denny's ability to do commercial work that WOWS is something we strive on. Recommended from businesses from almost every industry, we are proud to serve them and hopefully you.

From Hotels, Rv parks, Churches, Schools, Offices, Restaurants, and many more. Everyplace differs; we want to evaluate the problem and execute it with a better, and more simple solution.

More in depth in what we can do for you

What we can do may surprise and sets up apart. Providing full service, products, and dedication for your company is key.

  •  Security Cameras. Something all businesses need for protection, video evidence. learn more Here.

  • Commercial Televisions/Digital Signage. Different then traditional and required at some places. We sell, set-up, and service these products for you. Contact us, for pricing or Info.

  •  Cable System. Providing Tv service for customers, Dish or Direct Tv. For Rv parks, Hotels, and other places. This is a complicated process that we make easy for you and customers, while also never leaving you in dust. We'll continue to service afterwards so everyone stays happy. (Its illegal to have a residential system in a commercial place, its important that you don't do this) Contact us for more info.                                                  

  • Sound Systems. Crucial to many places, whether it's music, someones voice, or a little bit of both.  We can provide service with existing or new products, which we also offer and recommend for some places. You'll be very pleased when we're done because its very nice when everything is working how its suppose to.

  • Projectors or Tvs for presentations. When connecting electronics to others it can be a hassle, here at Denny's that's just what we do day to day. When you want your computer hooked up to your tv/projector wirelessly or wires hidden nicely. Contact us, we also carry many commercial projects that are made to last longer and provide an everyday use.


Theres a lot we can list, if you have something you want or Information about Contact us. We would be professional and happy to work with you, let us solve your problems.

More curious on our process? Click on our "Services" tab or Click Here.

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