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Luxury Home Theaters Custom Installed

Convenience is key in today’s hustle and bustle lifestyle. What is more convenient that having your very own theater at home, no travel, no lines and best of all you control the pause button and popcorn machine!

Home theater design does not begin or end with product selection. Construction, acoustic treatments, furniture and lighting are all factors that need to be assessed from the beginning. We pride ourselves on working with you and/or your builder to ensure a seamless design, build and installation experience.

It starts with our unique service and design process:

  1. Educate: We make sure to educate you on the industry, it’s capabilities, and how they can be tailored to your unique wants and goals.

  2. Design: Once we have discussed ideas and established a baseline of understanding, we build your custom System Design based on your budget and needs. Our unique software allows you to add or delete features and see the results in real time, allowing you to build your own theater system with our professional guidance.

  3. Build: With your custom home theater design in place, we can have the whole system built in one day. We can even set up completely wireless so there is no sheet rock cutting or other alterations to your home.

  4. Serve: We don’t wipe our hands of you once the job is done. We’ll follow up to ensure everything is working as you hoped and take care of any problems that may arise early on. We want to make sure our work

Whether we are starting from scratch or a full remodel we have the team to provide a turn key installation that is sure to impress you every time you hit play.

More curious on our process? Click on our "Services" tab or Click Here.

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